Think differently about your lighting

There is an explosion of interest in LED lights both on and off the web. We get many phone calls and inquiries each day asking what LED bulbs can and can’t do. Sometimes people ask, why do they cost that much? Good question, especially if you are trying to justify cost verses standard bulbs.

LED bulbs are not just a led chip with electricity passing through it. Many people still view LED bulbs the same way as a filament lamp. LED bulbs have PC boards inside them which serve the functions of voltage conversion, over current protections and dimming capabilities. The housings are often made of metal or fire rated plastics. All of this works together to form a lighting product than can last as long or longer than your television or fridge.

We have heard stories of business or house owners who treat there LED bulbs like some of their larger appliances in respect to taking them with them when moving house or business premises.

Think of your LED lighting as an investment. Not just for saving power, but also something that becomes a part of your home or business for 10 or more years.

Maybe in this throw away society, the concept of a better longer lasting product goes against the trend of what people expect today. LED lights are definitely an exception to this trend.

With any technological revolution, a radical change of thinking usually takes place and the way we think about lighting is definitely changing.




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