Retrofitting LED Lights in Place of Halogen Lights

One of the many questions we receive here is “how do you go about retrofitting 12v LED lights in place of 12v halogen down lights?”

Many people seem to think that you have to replace the halogen with an LED kit, ie, a LED Bulb (that fits into the existing frame) and a LED Driver.  While this is the optimum choice to ensure long life of the LED Lamp, it is not the only way of retro fitting.


Most of the MR16 low voltage 12v lamps that we sell are compatible with most (not all) existing electronic transformers that are already in place in your ceiling.  It is simply a matter of changing bulbs in most instances.

My recommendation to the customers who come in to our store is to simply buy one or two to start, and plug them in to the existing transformer.  If they come on and stay on, chances are they will work  fine.  If they flicker, flash or do not come on at all, that is when you would need to change the transformer for a proper LED Driver.  We can advise you on the best method of doing this.


We can supply complete retro fit LED Down Light kits if necessary, but there are a variety of these on the market and some may not be suitable for your application, so if in doubt before proceeding, please contact us.

Additionally, if your lighting circuit incorporates a dimmer, then we have 12v MR16 dimmable LED Lights as well. The set up would be the same. Try a couple first and if all works well, then you can order some more.

In the case of GU10 240v halogen down lights, this is simply a bulb change, nothing else, with both dimmable and non -dimmable being available.

If you’re not sure of your set up, please do not hesitate to call us and discuss your requirements with our staff on (07) 3391 6230.

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